African Lovin'

Love and trivia games are designed with connection and laughter in mind. After organising over 400 virtual dates for Africans worldwide during the covid 19 pandemic, one thing was clear connection matters.

The African Lovin' deck of cards is designed with you in mind because we understand the importance of navigating love and relationships. We created a conversation starter that includes culture, faith, religion, friendship, sex, money and lots more. African Lovin' doesn't just help you explore your partner this valentines day. It also enables you to explore Africa! Yes, with an additional 100 trivia questions and 100 charades, laughter and knowledge are incorporated into the mix.

This means you can bring out your African Lovin' box set at games night, date night, double date night and even a chilled day in with your parents. This valentines day, give the gift of love and intimacy with African Lovin'.


You have never had a conversation like this before? These cards will deepen your connection.


How well do you know African political, social and football history?
Is King Solomon's mine even real?


Act out what is written on the card, and flaunt your imaginative skills. No words, no sounds! Put your acting skills to the

"My personal favourite thing about the African lovin’ deck are the conversation starters!

African or not they will get you thinking and laughing!"


-Faith Odede

"We have been together for 13 years and have NEVER asked each other these questions!"


Phetola Makhetha

"If you’re looking for something to spice things up with your partner then the ‘African Lovin’ Conversation starter pack is for you!"

Ruth Olaitan

It's a game changer

Love and Trivia card games are on a mission to bring laughter and intimacy into homes in a manner that is Africa inspired!

This is why within one year of our launch, we had shipped orders of African Lovin' to several countries spanning four continents.

With orders from Australia to Kenya, Nigeria to Canada, South Africa to Ireland and more.

We hope you can join couples worldwide to enjoy your African Lovin' experience.

Love is better when we play together

Our Valentines day quiz

So it is official, valentine's day is around the corner, and we are super excited for all the planning that is going to go into the day! However, we thought about how well some of us know the reason behind several traditions. What is the history behind valentine's day? Why do we celebrate? Why are red roses such a big deal on valentines day, and why do we write love poems?

So here is the Quiz of the month in anticipation of Valentine's day!

Let us see how many answers you get, share a screenshot of your answers on social media and let us know how well you did! Don't forget to challenge your friends too.


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