5 Icebreakers for African Parents

5 Icebreakers for African Parents

As we grow older, we inevitably become more curious about our roots and where we come from. This desire to learn more about our origins is often more valuable if our families do not speak about their past and history. In many African schools, history is not taught in detail, and we are left wondering or sometimes clueless about the circumstances that made our culture what it is today.

While some of us may have grown up in households where conversations about our family history and culture were commonplace, many others may not have had such experiences. Hence speaking with our parents or grandparents can provide invaluable insights into our family's past and culture.

Family and grandparents may not have spoken about their past for many reasons, including pain, work, or even trauma from wars and conflict.
Regardless, these elders are the source of culture and history that can give us an understanding of our origins. Listening to their stories and past life experiences will enable us to understand our rich cultural heritage.
Sometimes, figuring out how to start may be challenging, especially when this has not happened. So here are a few icebreakers to help you delve further into history, and they all involve playing games!

1) Ask everyone to share their favourite memory from childhood
2) Ask your parents about a valuable experience, tradition or festival they had in childhood that they feel you have missed out on
3) Ask your grandparents to tell you about their favourite childhood meals and the memories it was linked to
4) Play Numbernot with them, and each time they win a round, ask them about how they knew so much on the subject
5)Ask them which national leader from the past they wish was around today and why

These questions can help us explore our identity further as we move closer to developing meaningful connections with those we love and celebrate our unique blessings in being descendants of African heritage.

Grab your copy of Numbernot here and tag us to tell us which generation won the game!
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