For Immediate Release  
October 2021 
Love and Trivia Announces New Proactive Card Game  
That Merges Love For One Another, and the Continent of Africa 


 African Lovin’ is the new card game that provides a unique experience of exploring both the love of your partner and the love of motherland Africa. With 300 cards, including 100 conversation starters, 100 Africa-based trivia, and 100 charades, this deck expands on the excitement of gaming date night with a twist. 


While many have been stuck inside, with little to do, the typical board game concept has run its course in many households, leaving couples with limited options for date night entertainment. In such ever-changing times, it lends an opportunity to be more intentional with how you spend your time, including for the creators of, which includes games. After conducting 400 free virtual dates across the world, African Lovin’ has curated an intentional card game that enhances connection and Africa-based knowledge all in one. 


Inspired by meaningful self-expression, connection, and community, Africa Lovin’ offers an extraordinary experience in purchasing a game that celebrates all things African and, most importantly, love. Unlike other card games out there, they focus on the partnering mindset of what makes couples feel close, open, and loving to one another and the motherland. Entertainment that prompts conversation allows for the passion of seamless love and fosters better relationships with just one round. 



 As the team at Love and Trivia continue to create innovative games and thought-provoking cards, they remain aligned with their mission to spread love, culture, and meaning that bring individuals closer together. Africa Lovin’ hopes to lead the way for more cross-continental discourse worldwide and inspire people to expand into the diaspora for even more understanding and knowledge about the incredible continent of Africa. Love and Trivia are set to release their newest deck of cards in October 2021. 


For more information on Africa Lovin’ visit and be sure to follow them on social media @loveandtrivia.