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African Lovin' has three themes to choose from 


Conversation - Shuffle the black cards and pick any card and discuss the topic with your group, allow each person to speak freely without interruptions before asking a follow up question 

You can choose which icebreaker you prefer or leave it to chance and toss the dice 

Charades - use the white side

  • Act out as many charades as you can in one minute 
  • Your aim is to get your teammates to guess what is on your card without saying a word

Trivia - use the grey sides

  • Quiz your group and allow each team to answer as many accurate Trivia questions as they can in one minute

We believe there is beauty entrenched in African history that often has not been celebrated.

Our Trivia questions gives you an opportunity to learn, remember and investigate African history, during your next games night. 

Not sure if you have noticed but we are totally into romance and love and we believe playing together is an underutilised tool in building intimacy.

Charades are excellent at creating silly moments sometimes of pure unadulterated laughter! 

These African Lovin' charade cards do just that.

We can relate to this, and this deck are designed with this scenario in mind. 

We realised that there would often be one person who isn't keen on sitting seriously to answer in-depth conversations about emotions, sex, religion, or ethics in every group or couple. 

So we decided to throw in a few games to break the ice, to diffuse tense moments and reduce tensions if they arise. 

Remember to wave the red flag if there is a concern or emotional trigger.

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