African Lovin'

A deck of conversation starters that considers your culture, upbringing, faith and ethnicity. African Lovin' is ultimately a deck of cards designed to foster togetherness between you, your partner and those you love.

We know some conversations can be tough to have and can be intense so we added 200 icebreakers to diffuse the tension.

This makes African Lovin' unlike other conversation starters out there.


100 conversation starters

100 Africa based Trivia questions

100 Charades

The conversation never ends

cartoon of black couple sat on sofa drinking wine, laughing and playing African lovin card game

About Us

Before launching African Lovin' for Love and Trivia, we scheduled over 500 virtual dates for African millennials worldwide! This taught us a thing or two about what makes date night work, and what makes it better.

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  • African lovin' conversation starters and games for african couples and those who want to learn about africa, charades and trivia. Have fun with african inspired charades for games night


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