About Us

Before African Lovin' was born, our team had organised over 500 virtual dates for hundreds of singles at the onset of the Covid -19 Pandemic.
While it was fun and encouraging to see relationships and friendships blossom, many questions came up.

'What do I ask after asking; how was your day.'
'I feel like we are running out of topics to talk about.'
'Conversation starters for sale do not cover the important stuff.'
'I feel our conversations are too superficial.'
'We seem so different.'

So we wanted to lend a hand to inspire meaningful conversation.                            
How we are different
But we also noticed that other conversation starters on the market did not include the element of play and as a result their use could be a bit too formal, so we decided to add 200 components to our deck that'll be just for fun.

We are not like other conversation starters.

Our conversation starters are open-ended and not seeking yes and no responses, so try to give each conversation side 5-10 minutes for your partner to answer.
Making the time to complete the black cards to over 5 hours!
So feel free to take it slow!
We want intimacy to be fun and not a chore!
We would love to know how much fun you had with our cards! 
So please tag us on instagram @loveandtrivia