14 Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for any Budget

14 Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for any Budget

The worldwide countdown to valentine's day has begun, and we are all eagerly searching for what the best valentine's day gift is; an idea that is unique and personal always wins. The two busiest gifting days worldwide are mothers day and valentine's day, and we are not surprised about that in any way whatsoever.

We hope the great love of your life is in one that has sacrificed for you, comforted you, and those with whom you have an extraordinary and passionate friendship. Although mother's day is still several weeks away, we are here to lend you a helping hand for valentines day.

Unfortunately, valentines day has developed a bad reputation due to the over-commercialisation of the day. But that should not take away from the fact that it is still a day to celebrate those you love and love you in return regardless of the circumstances around you.

Saint Valentine understood this exact need; in around 270 A.D., Emperor Claudius II of Rome had banned all marriages because he felt men were not enlisting for war due to love and marriage. Yet the Priest known as Valentine continued to perform ceremonies. As a result, he was beheaded by the emperor and later canonised as a patron saint of love.
Then in the 1300s, the British poet linked St Valentine again to romance in his love poem 'Parliament of Fowls'. Just read this verse from the poem,

Then will I grant her this favour, that she
Shall have him straight on whom her heart is set,
And he'll have her whom his heart can't forget.

Love requited is such a beautiful thing, yet unrequited love hurts deeper than an arrow to the heart. So what are you getting for your lover this year, and what makes a great valentines day gift? Which song is the most passionate and fills your heart with warmth and your belly with butterflies? Is there a moment or a hope for the future that makes you want to jump for joy? This year at Love and Trivia H.Q., we know that getting such a gift sometimes may be difficult. We also recognise that getting the perfect gift may be filled with inundating pressure from the day's commercialisation.

So we have created a list of innovative ideas that you can do that will cost little or no money. Sometimes it is the thought and effort that counts. We hope that these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and will also get you inspired as you reflect on the incredible moments you and your partner have experienced over the years.

So here are 14 ways to show your partner your love and care this Valentine's day! These ideas are great whether you an on a budget or not! They require time, and introspection and come with a lot of cheesy moments but one thing is for sure they are unique and a beautiful way to countdown to such a special day! Let us know if you will take on this challenge to show love in a unique way this valentines day.
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