6 Galentine's Day Games Night Ideas

6 Galentine's Day Games Night Ideas

Did you know that Galentine's day was first mentioned on parks and recreation? Galentine's day is commonly celebrated on the 13th of February as a way to show love to our friends, not just our partners and spouses. This is a creative way to have fun, whether you are partnered or not.

We have put together a kit of seven games night ideas for fun Galentine's day. We encourage you to order in; pizza, candy, milkshakes, sundaes, Chinese food, whatever you fancy. Remember that Galentine's day happens only once a year, so this is the time to get your fun in.

We are sure some of you may say you are not willing to host a party or have people over; that is ok too. Just send the link to this list to your friend who loves to host and consider Galentine's day games night sorted! So which one of these suggestions are you most likely going to try out? Let us know how it goes; we also love a good pillow fight at a slumber party.

Secrets do not belong to Santa gifts alone they also belong to cupid and his arrow tipped with love, so get going with creative Galentines day gifts at your games night. 

Get your creative juices flowing with this Galentine's day flower bouquet. See who's gifts lasts the test of time and makes it back home safely after the games night

You must have played something similar at a baby shower, but this time refrain from saying the hosts name and the first loser has to do at least one dare chosen by the group. 

Meaningful conversations are important, so take time this Galentine's day to get to know your friends better. You can download our free conversation starter kit below. 

Beware this is one risky step, so be cautious and do not engage if tipsy, drunk, afraid or unstable in anyway

Could you be the next Adichie, Soyinka or an Achebe; get your literary juices flowing as you create your own story line from something your friends have written. Galentine's games night is sure to have some laughter with these stories.

So grab your friends and a polaroid for a Galentine's day games night to remember. 



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