QUIZ |  African Coffee

QUIZ | African Coffee

Welcome to the Month of August! Hope it has been a great one so far! This months quiz as usual is inspired by Africa and all the amazing countries on the continent that produce awesome and fragrant coffee. Just the thought of a cup of coffee can make the least energised person feel awake and alert.

Whether you are a tea drinker, matcha lover or coffee aficionado, come on a trip of scents and aromas with us as we take a quiz tour through African coffee producing countries. This is a great post to read through and quiz to attempt if you are due to play Numbernot, although there are 105 other cards in the box other than the one on coffee. 


Did you know these interesting facts about coffee?

    1. Coffee has reportedly been around since 800 A.D. when discovered by an African goat herder.
    2. In the 16th century many people wanted to ban coffee but the pope at the time loved it and he even suggested that it should be baptised!!
    3. The world's most expensive coffee is produced from partially digested coffee beans from faeces of civets.
    4. Coffee is the world's second traded commodity after crude oil
    5. Coffee beans are actually seeds from coffee cherries but are called beans because they look like them
    6. Before Coffee was processed as it is today, the berries were actually crushed and chewed
    7. Brazil is the world's top producer of coffee
    8. It could take up to 70 to 100 coffee beans to make one cup of coffee

Ready to take the quiz? Go ahead and test your knowledge on African coffees and share your score with us on social media and in the comment section below!



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