Quiz | African Airports

Quiz | African Airports

The past week in African news, culture and politics were not without ups and downs. The Red List and quarantine rules of several countries seemed designed to shut Africa out of international travel, which impacted us here at Love and Trivia HQ.
Unfortunately, several of our international orders arrived at their destination airports on time, but experienced delays as the customs teams on the ground worked hard to clear the backlog.

While pondering this and re-assessing the courier services we use for international orders, we considered the journey our parcels make on their way from our packing countertops into our branded packaging and then into the hands of a trusted courier service person.

As African Lovin' has journeyed through, we wanted to ask you if you remember your first trip to an airport? How old were you, and were you excited? Did you get lost at the airport or get airsick?

So as several boxes of African Lovin' make their way through conveyor belts at different airports waiting to get to our patient community members, we decided to have a quiz on airports. How well do you know your African airports? Can you identify them by name or the history of the eponym they bear?

So here is this week's African history quiz, based on the airports we travel through and those we also may wish to see someday!


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