QUIZ | World Africa Day

QUIZ | World Africa Day

Today is world Africa day, and we are so excited! There is so much to know and learn where Africa is concerned! Have you ever been on a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro? Did you taste your sweat or see your breath? How about a drive on a safari or a trek on the Sahara? Did you see what we did there! We are playing around with some of the charades from African Lovin'.

To everyone in love with trivia, we have you covered today, so we have a quiz for you in celebration of today. Do not worry; the quiz is not too long, but we certainly cover a lot of questions. How many African states can you mention in one minute? Can you name up to ten fragrant African flowers? These are some highlights from Numbernot; it goes deep, gets loud and is often rowdy too!

Take that quiz now and share your scores in the comment section! Happy African Day! May your year be sweet and fruitful!






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