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Halloween alternatives for African Families

I don't know about you, but growing up in an African household and suggesting I wanted to go 'trick or treating' was often met with a violent eye roll or words to the effect of 'God forbid' 

Often times, an aunty or two may even suggest that one was playing with fire; 'it is fetish,' 'ungodly', ' light and darkness do not mix', or 'how can you beg for sweets'. There is something intrinsically deep about African spirituality which has made our adoption of Judeo-Christian values priority over all other kinds of religious practices. 

Halloween is certainly one of those events that is not widely practiced in Africa and in the wider diasporan community. Some Churches celebrate a 'hallelujah night' so the children do no feel left out, while others spend the night in watching something they had previously overlooked on Netflix. Obviously our preference here at Love and Trivia will be an indoor games night with African Lovin, mandazi, chin chin and a cold glass of malt, but who am I to tell you what to do?


Take the Quiz below to test your skills at deciphering which Festival we are referring to! Make sure you share with your friends to find out if they have been paying attention to culture or were awake in history class


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