African Lovin' celebrating a successful thanksgiving. stock image of three people dancing, turkey on dining table

A Happy Thanksgiving for African Lovin'

Although there has been consumption of large amounts of Turkey, cake, pudding and yes, chocolate, we are leaping and jumping for joy here at Love and Trivia. You, your friends and your family have caused us to celebrate by overwhelming us with so many orders of African lovin' in just one weekend.

When we suggested discounted shipping, it was a no brainer that this would be the preferred option for you; because, let us face it, international shipping charges are expensive.

As Love and Trivia continues to grow, we aim to get African Lovin' and all our upcoming products to you in as fast and convenient a way as possible.

So if African Lovin', our flagship product, may take way too long to get to you or the shipping rates are too high, please share your location in the comment section, also share which retailers and shops you trust in your area, and we will check them out to consider a stock list option.

Jambo, E'kaabo, Karibu Sana and Aweh to all our new subscribers and community members from South Africa! So happy you are here!

A massive shout out to Lerato and Phetola; they introduced Love and Trivia to their community by playing African lovin' on their channel.
There is a lot of laughter in the video below as well as moments for reflection and consideration.
Don't forget to subscribe to their channel and leave a comment as well.

The past weekend was the first Black Friday weekend hosted by Love and Trivia, and it has been made possible by your tags, comments, shares, follows and purchases. So we must say that it has been a very happy thanksgiving, full of joy and celebrating here at Love and Trivia HQ.

May your December be bright, full of joy and laughter and more Turkey at Christmas.

PS: we just ordered the custom wrapping paper for Love and Trivia Christmas orders in December.

Can you guess what colour it will be?



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